Appointments & Patient Forms

You can schedule an appointment by calling (812) 777-0127 or by emailing us using the contact form button below.

If we believe you need to see a specialist, you will get a referral from Katie. Your insurance plan might require you to get a referral authorization beforehand, and we’ll submit the necessary paperwork to your health plan or medical network.

Call us for any questions about your referral.

To cancel your appointment, call (812) 777-0127. Please give at least 24 hours or as much notice as possible. This frees up the appointment time for another patient.

If it’s your first time at our office, we want to get to know you and your personal health care needs. You’ll want to bring some items with you to make sure you get the care you need at each visit.

Bring any prescriptions you’re currently taking, write down any important information regarding your recent health history and information about your previous primary care provider. The more we know about your past health and health records, the easier it will be to learn how to help you.

The quickest way to refill your prescription is to call your pharmacy 3–5 business days before you run out. If there are no refills left on your prescription, the pharmacy will call or fax the request directly to our office. You may have to schedule an appointment with us before renewing your prescription as some prescriptions require re-authorization after multiple refills.

Healthcare questions? Call us at (812) 777-0127.